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Plastic netting is often utilized to support insulation under floors, in vaulted ceilings, garage overheads, in both sidewalls and kneewalls, in fireproof spray applications, as well as in numerous other specialty applications.  Netting is commonly used in new construction, as well as in the insulation of existing structures.  It is light-weight, economical, fast and easy to install.  It is generally stapled into place.

Insulation netting will not rot, rust or mildew.  It does not contain sufficient mass to promote flame spread or to add fuel or toxicity to a fire.  As the uses vary, the insulation netting comes in various opening sizes and various widths.  It can and usually is shipped via UPS.

Insulation Netting, 3/16" x 3/16" Opening:  This netting is light-weight and is generally used to secure blown-in insulation until the sheet rock is installed.  The 4' x 250' rolls (NT-1164) weigh 2.7 pounds each.  The 8' x 250' rolls (NT-1168)  weigh 5.4 pounds each.

Insulation Netting, 1/4" x 1/4" Opening:  This heavy-weight netting is most commonly utilized in spray fire-proofing, although some installers prefer it for wall applications.  A 4' x 250' roll (NT-1404) weighs 7 pounds, and an 8' x 250' roll (NT-1408) weighs 14 pounds.

Insulation Netting, 1" x 2":  This is the most economical netting and is commonly used for batt insulation support in both metal buildings and residential construction.  The 4' x 250' rolls (NT-1504) weigh 2.7 pounds each.  The 8' x 250' rolls (NT-1508) weigh 5.4 pounds per roll.

Fabric Mesh

We can supply three types of fabric mesh:  BNS (light-weight), PW (heavy-weight, generic), and Insulweb (heavy-weight, name brand).  This product is ideal for spraying against in knee walls, ceilings, and sound walls.

BNS Mesh:  This spray fabric is UPSable and comes in roll sizes shown in the table below.  It is the lightest weight of fabric meshes.


BNS Product # Size Square Feet
NT-90125 9' x 125' 1125
NT-90250 9' x 250' 2250
NT-100125 10' x 125' 1250
NT-100250 10' x 250' 2500

PW Mesh:  This is heavy-weight generic fabric mesh.  It is UPSable and substitutes well for the name brand, more expensive fabric mesh.

PW Product # Size Weight Square Feet
NT-4375PW 4' x 375' 14# 1500
NT-4750PW 4' x 750' 28# 3000
NT-8375PW 8' x 375' 28# 3000
NT-8750PW 8' x 750' 56# 6000

Insulweb:  This is considered the name brand in fabric mesh.  It is 100% polypropylene.  The largest sized rolls of  Insulweb must ship via common carrier.

Insulweb Part # Size Square Feet
NT-4375IW 4' x 375' 1500
NT-4750IW 4' x 750' 3000
NT-8375IW 8' x 375' 3000
NT-8750IW 8' x 750' 6000
NT-9375IW 9' x 375' 3375
NT-9750IW 9' x 750' 6750


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